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Hello, fellow people of planet earth. I am RS. I thought, when it comes to an introduction, it is not always about a name. Broadly speaking, it is an indication that something relevant is coming up next. Be it knowing more about someone after they offer you an introduction of themselves, or maybe it’s a … Continue reading Introduction


Moral Crisis: A perspective (Part 2)

We need a moral revolution in the 21st century. If we look back at past centuries, some of the largest human induced catastrophes come from the lack of judgement between what is morally right or wrong. Whenever civilizations have been destroyed, people are killed, we can trace that incident back to a single root of … Continue reading Moral Crisis: A perspective (Part 2)

Moral Crisis: A perspective (Part 1)

21st century has brought with itself many changes in various spheres of human existence. The canvas ,which is our mind, has been painted over by so many “painters” that we, human beings, have become very complex creatures. We lead complex lives. Our minds are soaked into information (not necessarily useful), and we are constantly involved … Continue reading Moral Crisis: A perspective (Part 1)

Everything is Electromagnetism

God runs electromagnetics on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by the wave theory, and the devil runs it by quantum theory on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sir Lawrence Bragg There are four fundamental forces present in nature. These are gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force. Electric force, by definition, is … Continue reading Everything is Electromagnetism

Free Will, Part 2- The Uncertainty Principle

Free will without fate is no more conceivable than spirit without matter, good without evil. Friedrich Nietzsche As we have seen on the previous article, Free will and determinism are the two pillars of reality. We have also seen that it is impossible to determine the right answer since these two possibilities have no visual … Continue reading Free Will, Part 2- The Uncertainty Principle

FREE WILL- the “choice” to make choices.

The question of whether do we have free will or not is one of the hot topics in philosophy and even in physics. But, what does free will mean? In short, it means that we can make our own choices and govern the course of our lives. Sounds simple, right? but the fact that we … Continue reading FREE WILL- the “choice” to make choices.